Yacht Club Series

Rigging a Murder

Janeva Jags unexpectedly finds herself embroiled in the middle of a captivating mystery. On a sailing vacation in a remote inlet off the coast of British Columbia, Janeva finds the peaceful tranquility of this desolate area is shattered when a spontaneous dinner invitation aboard a 100-foot luxury yacht leads to murder. As suspicious events plague Janeva’s family, Janeva realizes that only she has the key to solving this mystery and stopping the murderer from killing again.

Dive into the lives of Yacht Club members, in this exciting cocktail of boating, high finance, technology, socialites and trust funds. The result is deadly as passions and greed mix together.

What readers are saying:
”I loved the yacht club setting and the characters were just like old friends. Well Done!”
“Great Setting. This was a fun book to read. Great to read on your yacht, if you have one – or your patio – you can be an armchair sailor. I can’t wait for the next one in the series!”

Chatterbox Chip

A Caribbean sailing vacation takes a frightening turn with a mysterious death…
A year has passed since Janeva Jag witnessed a murder. The endless police inquiries seem finally at an end. It’s time for a relaxing sun-drenched vacation in the tropics. Is it fate, bad luck or something more sinister that brings the Jag family face to face with yet another death. Determined to enjoy their planned Caribbean sailing holiday they try, without success, to ignore a sequence of strange events and threats. Maybe there is a reason to be a bit paranoid, but at least life will return to normal when they get home – or so they believe.

Instead, they find themselves entrapped in a mystery and the more they try to understand their predicament, the more helpless and vulnerable they become.

This novel’s dazzling setting, meticulous plotting, and entertaining characters make for a pleasant voyage with danger at every port. — Kirkus Reviews